Prospect Research and Wealth Identification Services for Nonprofits

Blackbaud Analytics

A suite of prospect research solutions that help turn your data into knowledge, action and results


A Total Prospect Research Solution

Blackbaud Analytics can help you build a successful fundraising strategy with a combination of two powerful prospect research tools:


Blackbaud’s custom modeling service, analyzes your database along with historical and current data from external sources and behavioral trends to show you which individuals are your best annual, major and planned giving prospects for today and in the future.


Blackbaud’s new wealth identification and information service, provides you with financial, biographical and demographic data on the wealthiest individuals in your database, enabling you to plan the most effective development strategy for your major donor prospects.

Using these two complementary services will equip you with all the information you need to maximize the potential within your database of donors and prospects.

Why Use This Unique Approach?

Blackbaud Analytics takes a holistic approach to prospect research screening by combining ProspectPoint — a true custom modeling and scoring service –– with WealthPoint — a comprehensive wealth identification service. Unlike other prospect research services, Blackbaud Analytics gives you a complete assessment of all your prospects—at all giving levels—providing you the critical data you need to develop cultivation strategies for your annual, planned and major gift prospects. Other profiling services may offer you gift likelihood or wealth capacity, but the Blackbaud Analytics solution gives you both —at a lower cost to your organization.

Productivity Profiles:

Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Blackbaud Analytics predictive modeling has enabled us to pinpoint our very best prospects so we can make far more effective use of our time and resources..."

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

"I wanted to find out who the most likely new future major donors were, and so far, Blackbaud Analytics modeling has been right on the mark. It has helped us identify the most promising prospects with whom to concentrate our efforts and resources and it truly like finding that elusive millionaire-next-door..."

Advocate Charitable Foundation, Park Ridge, Illinois

"I am especially pleased about the planned giving results. It appears we need to consider increasing the budget for planned giving newsletters, since the targets are far more numerous than I expected..."

West Texas Rehabilitation Center Foundation, San Angelo, Texas

"We're already at the gravy stage. Within just a few months, the Blackbaud Analytics scores have already helped us find the gifts that have paid for the modeling and the costs of our direct mail..."

Contrino Direct Marketing, Denver Colorado

"Data modeling is a worthwhile investment for many nonprofits. I find the work Blackbaud Analytics does to be exceptional, and I recommend their service to my clients..."

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Why Choose Blackbaud Analytics?

Total solution – ProspectPoint and WealthPoint represent the most comprehensive and complete prospect research solution available on the market today.

Value – No other prospect research service offers as much value as Blackbaud Analytics for the price

Integration – Blackbaud Analytics solutions are designed to interface with The Raiser’s Edge 7 so you can work more efficiently.

Backed by Blackbaud – For over 20 years we have been the market leader, providing innovative solutions for non-profits.